STAR SR 20 Lathe: New Addition to the Guerrini Lauro Machine Park

STAR SR 20 Lathe: New Addition to the Guerrini Lauro Machine Park

New STAR SR 20 Lathe

We are pleased to announce the addition of a used SR series sliding headstock lathe to our machine park. This embodies the traditional characteristics of Swiss-Type lathes, integrating the movable bushing processing capability with STAR's cutting-edge technology.
The introduction of the SR series sliding headstock lathe is a further step towards innovation and production efficiency to offer our customers increasingly precise and reliable machining solutions.



STAR SR 20 Lathe: Optimization and Training

The Star SR 20 sliding headstock lathe is a highly performing model that we have decided to integrate into our machine park for several reasons, including:

  • Optimizing the range of machining, moving from a maximum machining diameter of 12 to 20 mm

  • Reducing working times thanks to a newer and faster machine

  • Standardizing the machine park as much as possible to efficiently resolve potential failures or problems

  • Fully exploiting the excellent training of our staff on programming and using this type of lathe, leading them to further specialize

All these factors allow us to increase the quality, speed, yield, and efficiency of the work done for our customers.

STAR SR Series Lathes: Characteristics

The SR series sliding headstock lathe is designed to offer maximum precision and versatility, thanks also to the combination of advanced machining functionalities. Its technical capabilities include:

  • Precision Turning: allows machining of parts with extremely small diameters, maintaining strict tolerances.

  • STAR Technology: STAR's cutting-edge technology ensures precise control of production processes, guaranteeing superior quality and reliability.

Peculiarities of Swiss-Type Sliding Headstock Lathes

Swiss-Type sliding headstock lathes are known for their precision and ability to work on parts with extremely small diameters. Some of their peculiarities include:

  • Operational versatility: they can perform a variety of operations in a single machine.

  • Production efficiency: the ability to perform simultaneous operations reduces cycle times and increases productivity.

How a Swiss-Type Lathe Works

A Swiss-Type lathe is designed to work on long and thin parts with high precision. Here’s how it works:

  • Sliding Headstock: the workpiece is supported close to the cutting area by the guide bushing, which moves longitudinally along with the workpiece.

  • Guide Bushing: keeps the workpiece stable during machining, minimizing vibrations and improving the quality of the finish.

  • Multiple Tools: the lathe can mount various tools, allowing complex machining without frequent repositioning.

Swiss-Type Lathe: A Bit of History

Swiss-Type lathes originated in Switzerland towards the end of the 19th century to meet the needs of the watchmaking industry. Their ability to work with high precision on very small parts made them indispensable in this sector. Today, these lathes are used in various industries, including medical, aerospace, and automotive, thanks to their versatility and precision.



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