Guerrini Lauro Automatic Turnery in Bergamo

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Guerrini Lauro is a family tradition as the company was born over forty years ago. Thanks to its excellent performance, during all these years the company was able to perceive the market changes and implement a process of technological modernization which has led to great advances in terms of quality. The entry of the sons in the company has not only given it continuity but also a new boost: the endless investments in technologies and in personnel training have allowed Guerrini Lauro to consolidate the trust of the existing customers, and achieve an increasing number of new ones.

The family-run company gives the client the possibility to deal directly with those who have decision making powers, thus promoting solutions in the short term, reflecting the ease and problem solving abilities of its management. This “customer oriented” vision has led us to anticipate and meet the ever changing needs of our customers, ensuring a close trustworthy relationship with our clientele, making the most of the direct communication and seriousness during the process of product creation. The study of new strategies has allowed us to evolve and compete while keeping the right equilibrium between conservativeness and organizational progress; this is why Guerrini Lauro is now a landmark for the numerous customers who come to us from various fields.