Maximum quality for the satisfaction of the customer certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Since the foundation of Guerrini Lauro the productive potential has been constantly growing thanks to the perseverance, tenacity and seriousness with which each operation is carried out, but what contributes the most is the quality of the final product. The fleet of machinery available and the preparation of human resources involved in each step of the production process allows the company to create pieces of high precision which guarantee the functionality and quality that are the pride of the company.

The constant investments of our own resources in tuition, structures and services dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers’ requests, have led to a fast execution which allows us to deliver finished products in a very short time, ensuring a value for money that is sure to satisfy our customers.

At Guerrini Lauro you can also count on meticulous monitoring: in addition to in-line controls, the company has a metrology lab equipped with precision instruments to measure and control standard. This allows us to verify quotas, profiles and surfaces with the maximum accuracy, ensuring the quality of the components and documenting that the measurements and verifications are carried out according to the standards requested by the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Thanks to the cooperation and help of external qualified and accredited laboratories, we can carry out several kinds of analysis and technical tests.

Upon customers’ request it is possible to perform 100% controls.


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ISO 9001 - Cert. n. 6298/0